December Release - Enterprise-App-ID Change

In the process of transferring the Secure Contacts App from Provectus Technologies GmbH to Provectus Software GmbH, the Enterprise App ID of the Secure Contacts App will change in the future. In order to continue using the app, it is necessary that you as a customer import the new Enterprise App ID into your Azure Tenant by 18 December 2023 and give Admin Consent, otherwise a log-in to the app is no longer possible after this release date.

Use SCA with the new Enterprise-App-ID

With the new SCA release v1.71 (iOS) / v1.30 (Droid) a new Enterprise Application in Azure is required.

Admins have to register a new Enterprise Application via URL. The URL has to be created with their Azure Tenant-ID and register it with the new Enterprise-App-ID for our Enterprise Application.

The app will be released in the public AppStore and can be installed from there as usual. Depending on the update settings in the operating system, the SCA may be downloaded and updated automatically. The new version of SCA uses the new Enterprise-App-ID.

We recommend to keep both Enterprise Applications till all your users received the update.

Add our Enterprise Application with the new Enterprise-App-ID to Azure

You must register SCA manually as an Enterprise App via a URL, you must create, to grant tenant-wide admin consent:

1. Create a URL like the following for this:{tenant-id-of-foreign-tenant}/adminconsent?client_id=20429334-d869-476e-8a65-ea300a327985

2. Replace {tenant-id-of-foreign-tenant} with your own tenant ID in the URL.


XXXXXXXX-31f3-43f7-b8fa-db8e8d525088 = Replace this with your own Tenant-ID 20429334-d869-476e-8a65-ea300a327985 = Enterprise-App-ID of PVS

3. Confirm the Consent for SCA accordingly

The consent of the admin-page may stuck a in loop, you won't get a feedback from the admin consent page. Verify if the enterprise app "Secure Contacts App" is registered in Azure-AD. If you have any issues with the Registration of SCA in Azure. contact us for support.

In Case you use SCA with iOS and Conditional Access (CA), additional steps are required. You need to add the new Enterprise Application to your existing CA-Policy. Manual to update your CA-Policy accordingly:

We recommend to keep the old Enterprise App in Azure, till all of your users received the latest release version v1.71 (iOS) / v1.30 (Droid) via their Update-Channels.

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