Android (Android Enterprise) - 3 Steps to activate SCA in your Azure Tenant

is guide shows you all required steps to onboard SCA in your environment. This configuration shows the deployment of SCA with Android Enterprise Workprofile Our App can be downloaded from the Play Store directly and installed on any Android device. It is mandatory to deploy our App via Managed Google Play Store in Intune.


For this Quick Guide, the AAD-Role “Global Administrator” or a comparable Administrator role in Microsoft Intune is required, depending on your RBAC-Concept.

You need an Azure-User with a proper license assigned. The test-device for SCA should have the latest OS-version and Microsoft Authenticator installed.

You need additionally an Azure-Security Group with your test user as Member.

You need a test-device with SCA deployed via Intune and Managed Google Play Store.

In this Guide you can also find the Features of SCA and the difference in between Standard vs. Enterprise Editon.

In case you have further questions see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Your question is missing in the FAQ? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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