Step 2 -AE- Add App Configuration Policy

You can already use our App in Demo-Mode. You need to onboard our app in your environment, with a valid license assigned.

It is required to get a valid license through Provectus GmbH.

Contact us for a trial license key.

The license-key and features for SCA will be applied to the app through App configuration policy in Microsoft Intune.

For more information about App configuration policies, you can check Microsoft Docs.

App configuration policies for Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

For this quickstart guide, SCA has to be deployed via Managed Google Play Store as discribed here

2.1 - Create an App Configuration Policy for Managed Devices in Microsoft Intune

2.2 - Add the following Name/Value pairs to your App Configuration Policy

Configuration keyValue typeConfiguration value



[{"name":"<license name>", "key":"<license key>"}]



[{"name":"<feature name>", "value":"<feature value>"}]

A full list of all configuration values can be found in the documentation: AppConfigurationPolicy Name-Values for SCA

2.3 - Assign App Configuration Policy to your test group

Depending on the Editon you choose, different features are available in SCA.

In Standard vs. Enterprise Editon you will find the differences between these licenses.

This was the last policy you need to configure in Microsoft Intune. In the next step you onboard the test device in your environment.

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