iOS - Userguide

The following steps show you, how to onboard SCA on your device. We recommend using an iPhone with the latest iOS version.

Microsoft Authenticator needs to be installed on the test-device

Authenticator enforces the app protection policy on the device. You need to login through Authenticator in SCA.

5.1 - Download & open the app directly from the app store

Search in the App store for “Provectus Secure Contacts”

5.2 - Accept terms and conditions and Continue

5.3 - Next step to select Login

5.4 - Select Open - this will open Microsoft Authenticator

5.5 - In the Authenticator-App, sign in with your Azure-Account and password

5.6 - You are now successfully logged on with your Azure-Account.

5.7 - Select Register in order to activate App Protection Policy for SCA.

5.8 - Your phone will switch several times in between Authenticator and SCA for login.

5.9 - When you see this message, click on OK.

5.10 - SCA will close - This indicates that App Protection Policy gets active

5.11 - Open the app again and choose “activate now”.

5.12 - At this screen, select phone settings → This will open phone in settings-menu on your device

5.13 - Once you selected phone settings, the phone-settings page of your phone opens directly!

5.14 - Select “Call Blocking & Identifying”

This setting can be found on your phone in the menu: Settings → Phone → Call Blocking & Identification

5.15 - Activate SecContacts in “Call Identification apps”

→ This setting is mandatory to activate and provides the Call-Identification for SCA.

5.16 - Now SCA is fully onboarded!

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