ABS - Azure Blob Storage


ABS is an alternative to Dataverse, especially for onprem data sources. if your onprem application is able to export contact data into an *.csv or *.json file, SCA can utilize it with the help of ABS connector.

ABS connector (ABScon) is a command line tool for reading, encrypting and transferring contact data to an Azure Blob Store on the client tenant that can be read and decrypted by SCA.

To activate ABS in SCA additional configuration is needed:



  • download and install ABScon from here*tbd

  • setup ABScon by following the provided howto.txt

A contact to be shown in SCA, must have the following 3 requirements:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Valid phone number

ABS as datasource is enabled by default. In case you would like to disable this datasource for your users, the configuration parameter ABS_Enabled needs to be set to false

This feature is only available with Enterprise Edition.

For Azure Blob Storage a licence with Azure Active Directory Premium P1 (or higher) is required. Verify the requirements for SCA: https://docs.secure-contacts.com/introduction/requirements

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