SCA Configuration - CI Customization

This feature is only available with Enterprise Edition.

Customize the look of SCA to match your corporate identity.

Following can be customized:

  1. Highlight color on buttons and switches

  2. Side menu head image

  3. Side menu text color

  4. Side menu background color

1. Highlight color on buttons and switches:

Customize the highlight color via SecContacts.Defaults

  • HighlightColorLightMode_Option

  • HighlightColorDarkMode_Option

2. Menu head image:

Customize the menu image via SecContacts.Defaults

  • MenuImageURI_Option

  • MenuImageHeight_Option

  • MenuImageMarginTop_Option

  • MenuImageMarginBottom_Option

When customizing the menu image, please note that the image must be downloadable from the internet. Simply put the image on your WebServer of your own Internet page and then put the corresponding URL of the image in the AppConfig at MenuImageURI_Option.

The app checks at each login whether a new menu image has been configured and then attempts to download it. Once the image has been successfully downloaded, it is permanently cached and the app will NOT attempt to download it again. Only when a new image URL is configured will the app attempt to download the image again and then cache it. This gives you the option to change the image at any time.

Adjust the top and bottom margin of the menu image using MenuImageMarginTop_Option and MenuImageMarginBottom_Option.

Supports JPG and PNG images. Optimal resolution is 1000x900 pixel. If using a different aspect ratio or resolution, adjust the MenuImageHeight_Option setting accordingly.

3. Menu text and menu text selected item color:

Customize the text colors via SecContacts.Defaults

  • MenuTextColor_LightMode_Option

  • MenuTextColor_DarkMode_Option

  • MenuTextColorSelected_LightMode_Option

  • MenuTextColorSelected_DarkMode_Option

4. Menu background and menu background selected item color:

Customize the background colors via SecContacts.Defaults

  • MenuBgColor_LightMode_Option

  • MenuBgColor_DarkMode_Option

  • MenuBgColorSelected_LightMode_Option

  • MenuBgColorSelected_DarkMode_Option

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