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Here you can find tips and known issues we solved in the past on customer side.

Troubleshooting - Conditional Access “Cloud Apps”

Unable to exclude SCA in Conditional Access during your Tests
Be aware - It is not possible to exclude SCA and Office as Cloud Apps for your Conditional Access Policies. You will need to use another “exclude” in Conditional Access, if it is required.

Troubleshooting - URL-Registration Enterprise App

In Case you cannot register our Enterprise App in your tennant, please make sure you set the region for your Dataverse.
You can check if you set a region for your tennant, if you go to
Microsoft Power Automate
for example.

Troubleshooting - Enterprise App Registration

In Case you cannot grant admin consent due missing permissions. You can Grant admin consent in your azure-tenant manually after the registration of the app.
Last modified 2mo ago