Enterprise Application

Configuration of SCA as Enterprise Application

SCA uses the standard procedure provided by Microsoft to to log in to the SCA against the Microsoft Azure AD Enterprise App “Secure Contacts App” using a AAD account. SCA authenticates against your Azure-tenant via URL-Registration.

It allows authentication and acquire tokens from Azure Active Directory (AAD) to access company data. MSAL is used to log in to the SCA against the Microsoft Azure AD Enterprise App “Secure Contacts App” using a AAD account. During the process of registration of SCA in your tenant you have to grant, dedicated Permissions for Graph-Values, which will be used by the Application.

Register SCA as an enterprise app

If you want to implement SCA in your tenant, you have to Register SCA as an Azure Enterprise App, for that process your tenant ID is necessary. There are 2 ways to add SCA as an Enterprise App to your own Azure-tenant:

1. Register SCA from our homepage, where you enter your tenant ID

pageStep 1 -MAM- Register Enterprise App

2. Register SCA manually within your tenant ID via an URL, you create

You can register the SCA manually as an Enterprise App to your own tenant via a URL, this is exactly the same procedure as to register SCA from our homepage, afterwards you must create to grant tenant-wide admin consent:

1. Create a URL like the following for this:


2. Replace {tenant-id-of-foreign-tenant} with your own tenant ID in the URL.

Example: https://login.microsoftonline.com/XXXXXXXX-31f3-43f7-b8fa-db8e8d525088/adminconsent?client_id=20429334-d869-476e-8a65-ea300a327985

XXXXXXXX-31f3-43f7-b8fa-db8e8d525088 = Replace this with your own Tenant-ID 20429334-d869-476e-8a65-ea300a327985 = Enterprise-App-ID of PVS

3. Confirm the Consent for SCA accordingly

The consent of the admin-page will stuck a in loop, you won't get a feedback from the admin consent page. Verify if the enterprise app "Secure Contacts App" is registered in Azure-AD. If you have any issues with the Registration of SCA in Azure. contact us for support.

Permissions for SCA Enterprise app

In this table you will find all mandatory permissions

Graph-ValuePermissionFunction in SCA


Read user contacts

Personal contacts (APC)


Read user and shared contacts

Shared Mailbox contacts (SMC)


Read directory

List all AD user / contacts (AAD)


Maintain access to data you have given it access to

Default-Requirement for Enterprise App


Sign users in

Default-Requirement for Enterprise App


Read presence information of all users in your organization

Teams Status


View full user profile info

get UPN of all users and users profile photos (AAD)

Microsoft Mobile Application Management:


(Read and Write the User's App Management data / allow app access to the Intune app protection service)

Default-Requirement for Intune

Dynamics CRM:


Access Common Data Service as organization users

Contacts from Dynamic 365 (D365) and from Dataverse (DVRS)

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