For the full range of functions, an activation by Provectus Technologies GmbH is required.

The app only works in demo-mode, without a valid license provided.

To use the Secure Contacts app Microsoft Azure tennant must be present and activated with following functions:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium P1 (or higher)

  • Exchange Online P1 (or higher)

  • Microsoft Intune (M365 E3 or M365 E5)

  • Dataverse

In order to use the Microsoft Teams integration, the Microsoft Teams function must be activated.


In Azure Active Directory a Security Group is required and all test-users must be member of this group for this guide.

Requirements for all Implementations of SCA in this guide:

  1. M365 E3 or M365 E5 License for admin and test-users

  2. Administrative Azure account with sufficient permissions

  • AAD-role for Enterprise App Registration:

Global Administrator, Privileged Role Administrator, Cloud Application Administrator, or Application Administrator

  • AAD-role for Endpoint Manager implementation:

Global Administrator, Intune Service Administrator

  • AAD-role for Conditional Access:

Global Administrator, Conditional Access Administrator

Additional requirements are necessary depending on your Endpoint Manager Environment.

  • Microsoft Exchange Online mailbox must be activated for the Test-User. (optional)

  • Microsoft Authenticator must be configured for your test-user on the Test-Device.

  • The Test-Device (iOS or Android) must be “freshly” enrolled in Endpoint Manager after implementing all policies in this guide, in case you want to test SCA for your devices.

  • Apple VPP-Connector connected to Intune, in case you want to automatically push our iOS app via Intune.

  • Managed Google Play connected to Intune, in case you want to automatically push our Android app via Intune.

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