iOS and Android version of SCA in comparison

The iOS and Android version of SCA, has the same features for both plattforms.

Our App has been developed with Xamarin, which is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that allows developers to use C# to create native apps for iOS and Android devices.

Features are in both versions the same cause they use the same codebase.

SCA for iOS

We add an extra layer of security with Microsoft Intune for our iOS app. The iOS-version of SCA allows securing access to corporate data on BYOD or managed iOS devices through App Protection Policies and Conditional Access enforcement, mitigating the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with corporate security standards. SCA for Android For our Android version it is possible to distribute SCA to your organization's devices and manage it centrally via Managed Google Play store. This allows you to apply security policies and controls, such as data encryption and app-specific configuration, to protect corporate data on Android Enterprise Devices incl. Workprofile. For Android Enterprise work-profile it is possible to sync contacts to the secured work-profile contacts for caller-identification.

Support for App Protection Policies and Conditinal Access for Android is planned for Q2/2024 due to release of newer version of Intune SDK.

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