AAD - Azure Active Directory


Azure Active Directory is “the” primary data source for SCA and get queried via Graph-API. Every AAD account in your tenant, with the necessary requirements, will be a contact shown in SCA. The query utilizes “Member” accounts only, “Guest” accounts will be ignored. This is basically an "All in" method with default exceptions. An administrator can extend these default exceptions via the configuration parameter AADFilters.

Instead of using the default "All in" method, an administrator can use AADGroups to select an Azure AD-Group as data source. Member of this AAD group with the necessary requirements will be a contact shown in SCA.

Any AAD contact to be shown in SCA, must have the following 3 requirements:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Valid phone number

AAD as datasource is enabled by default. In case you would like to disable this data source for your users, the configuration parameter AAD_Enabled needs to be set to false

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