DVRS - Dataverse

The data source Dataverse is basically an custom table in the clients dataverse environment. This table can be filled and maintained with tools and connectors available at the power apps / dataverse environment provided by Microsoft or Thirdparties. To activate DVRS in SCA additional configuration is needed:
  • download and install the custom table scheme from here*tbd
  • set your Dataverse Environment URL using the SCA configuration parameter ServiceUrls e.g. [{"name":"DVRS", "value":""}]
Additionally, a user must meet the following requirements to access Dataverse contacts:
  • an appropriate Azure/M365 license assigned for Dataverse
  • having an SCA Enterprise license
A contact to be shown in SCA, must have the following 3 requirements:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Valid phone number
DVRS as datasource is enabled by default. In case you would like to disable this datasource for your users, the configuration parameter DVRS_Enabled needs to be set to false
This feature is only available with Enterprise Edition.