Android - App Configuration Policies - MDM Integration in Microsoft Intune

Please follow Android - App Installation and deploy SCA first via Intune before you configure App Configuration Policy.

App Configuration Policy

It is mandatory to configure an App Configuration Policy for SCA to your managed devices

  1. Login to Endpoint Manager with your Admin-Account

  2. Go to Apps → App configuration policies or follow this link: App configuration policies - Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

  3. Click on Add -> Managed devices

  4. Enter a Name for App configuration policy e.g. “Secure Contacts App Android Managed”

  5. Add “Secure Contacts” by clicking Targeted app - Select app (1) and search for “Secure Contacts” and select the app (2) and click on OK (3)

  6. Click on Next

  7. In the Settings pane, choose for Configuration settings format - Use configuration designer

  8. A full list of all configuration values can be found in the documentation: AppConfigurationPolicy Name-Values for SCA

  9. Click on Next

  10. Add group at Included groups in the Assignments-pane, choose your SCA test-group with Select.

  11. Click on Next after adding SCA test-group

  12. In the Review + create pane click on Create

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