Deployment iOS MDM - Managed Device & APP

Implement SCA for your devices managed with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Our App can be deployed automatically as iOS Store App or Volume Purchase Program App.

App Configuration Policy

It is mandatory to configure an App Configuration Policy for SCA to your managed devices

  1. Login to Endpoint Manager with your Admin-Account

  2. Go to Apps → App configuration policies or follow this link: App configuration policies - Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

  3. Click on Add -> Managed devices

  4. Enter a Name for App configuration policy e.g. “Secure Contacts App Configuration Managed”

  5. Add “Secure Contacts” by clicking Targeted app - Select app (1) and search for “Secure Contacts” and select the app (2) and click on OK (3)

  6. Click on Next

  7. In the Settings pane, choose for Configuration settings format - Use configuration designer

  8. A full list of all configuration values can be found in the documentation: AppConfigurationPolicy Name-Values for SCA

  9. Click on Next

  10. Add group at Included groups in the Assignments-pane, choose your SCA test-group with Select.

  11. Click on Next after adding SCA test-group

  12. In the Review + create pane click on Create

App Protection Policy

You can add SCA to your existing App Protection Policies or add a new one for testing.

  1. Click on Create policy and select iOS/iPadOS

  2. Enter a Name for your Policy e.g. “Secure Contacts App Protection Policy Managed”

  3. Click Next

  4. In the Apps pane, change Target to apps on all device types to No

  5. Select the box Managed for Device types

  6. Click on + Select public apps and search for “Secure Contacts”

  7. Select the app and confirm with Select

  8. Click Next on the Apps pane

  9. Please proceed configuring App Protection Policies as recommended by Microsoft

  10. Finish the setup by clicking on Create

Conditional Access Policy

  1. Go to Endpoint security → Conditional access or follow this link: Conditional Access - Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

  2. Click on New policy to create a new Conditional Access policy

  3. Enter a Name for the Policy e.g. “Secure Contacts Conditional Access Policy”

  4. Go to Users or workload identities in Assignments

  5. Go to Cloud apps or actions in Assignments

  6. Set mandatory Conditions for your environment e.g. tick as a Condition for Client apps the value Mobile apps and desktop clients

  7. Go to Grant in the Access controls pane

  8. Set Require app protection policy

  9. Set Enable Policy to On

  10. Click on Create

According to Microsoft, it is mandatory to target Office 365 and Secure Contacts as Cloud App in your Conditional Access Policy in order to correctly implement SCA. It is required to add Office 365 as Cloud App, because our Enterprise Application (Provectus - Secure Contacts) is using these data sources.

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