D365 - Dynamics 365


If Dynamics 365 is used in the client tenant, SCA can utilize the contacts stored in Dynamics. Any contact in D365 that has at least a first and last name and a valid phone number automatically becomes an SCA contact. Dynamics 365 contacts are queried via Dataverse-API.

To activate D365 in SCA an additional parameter is needed: Set SecContacts.ServiceUrls as parameter and add the URL of your Dynamics 365 Environment as value.

A contact to be shown in SCA, must have the following 3 requirements:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Valid phone number

Additionally, a user must have the following requirements to access Dynamics 365 contacts:

  • Azure/M365 license assigned for Dynamics 365

  • Authorized access to Dynamics 365 for contact entities

D365 as data source is enabled by default. In case you would like to disable this data source for your users, the configuration parameter D365_Enabled needs to be set to false

This feature is only available with Enterprise Edition.

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