Standard Edition

• GDPR-compliant use of business contacts

• Exchange Online (personal mailbox) Azure AD (company address book)

• Central configuration via Microsoft Intune app (configuration and protection policies)

• Telephony and messenger integration of:

- iPhone telephony, SMS, iMessage app - Microsoft Teams App - Microsoft Outlook App • Optional: - WhatsApp - Signal - Telegram

Enterprise Edition

• All features of the standard option

• Integration of other data sources such as: - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Microsoft Dataverse - Any application which can export it's data into a CSV or JSON file

• Display of Microsoft Teams status

• Customization of the app CI

• Secure Contacts - Out-of-office mode

• Display of Out of Office Status Message

• Address field from the contact (open address in maps app)

• Organizational Chart (show manager)

• Anonymized calls

• Customization of usable messenger and telephony apps or other providers (e.g. Cisco Jabber possible upon request)

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