December Release - FAQ

What must an admin do for this release?

Admins have to register a new Enterprise Application via URL. The URL has to be created with their Azure Tenant-ID and register it with the new Enterprise-App-ID for our Enterprise Application.

What must admin to do in case they use CA-Policies for this release?

There is an additional step to configure for Admins in the CA-Policy, because of the new Enterprise Application for SCA. You need to add the new Enterprise Application to your existing CA-Policys. The new version of SCA uses the new Enterprise-App-ID.

What does a user have to do for this release?

Users with iOS and Android Devices have to log in again as they would normally. More information regards the impact on users:

Can I test the version of SCA before release with the new Enterprise-App-ID?

Prior to its official release on the App Store, we offer you the opportunity to test this SCA release through the Apple TestFlight Program.

How can I test with TestFlight?

Find the manual how to use TestFlight here:

Will all settings and favourites be retained after the update?

Yes, all settings and favourites will be retained. Users only need to login again.

How can I verify which app version I am currently using?

When you logged in to the app, switch to the side-menu of the app, tip on Help In help, you can find the version you are currently using.

How does the latest version get onto the devices?

The new SCA will be released in the public AppStore and can be installed from there as usual. Depending on the update settings in the operating system, the SCA may be downloaded and updated automatically.

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