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Testing SCA Release with Testflight

Prior to its official release on the App Store, we offer you the opportunity to test the iOS SCA release through the Apple TestFlight Program. To ensure a smooth rollout of version 1.71, we kindly request your assistance in testing the latest release of our app.
By following these steps, you can participate in testing app releases of SCA through TestFlight and contribute with feedback to help improve SCA.

Steps to install the Testflight-version of SCA

Open the App Store and download the TestFlight app.
2) Receive TestFlight Invitation Email
Check your email for an invitation from us for TestFlight.
3) Open TestFlight Invitation
Open the email and click the provided link to open TestFlight
4) Enter Redemption Code
In TestFlight, go to the "Redeem" tab and enter the provided redemption code.
5) Navigate TestFlight Interface
Find Secure Contacts App in TestFlight.
6) Install the App
Tap "Install" after the download completes and wait for the installation.
7) Test the new release of SCA

Last modified 2mo ago