Update your Conditional Access Policy with the new Enterprise-Application

In Case you configured SCA with Conditional Access (CA) for your iOS devices.

There is an additional step to configure for Admins in the CA-Policy, because of the new Enterprise Application for SCA. You need to add the new Enterprise Application to your existing CA-Policys. The new version of SCA uses the new Enterprise-App-ID.

Steps to update CA-Policy with the new Enterprise Application

1) Login to Endpoint Manager with your Admin-Account

2) Go to Endpoint securityConditional access

3) Identify your existing CA-Policy for SCA/O365-Cloud-Apps 4) Switch to Target resources in this CA-Policy

6) Confirm with Save to change the existing CA-Policy.

We recommend to keep the old Enterprise App in your CA-Policy, till all of your users received the latest release version v1.71 (iOS) / v1.30 (Droid) via their Update-Channels.

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