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Secure Contacts App (SCA) - Safe & GDPR Compliant

  • Security through GDPR-Compliant contact management
  • No unintentional outflow of confidential data to third-party apps, such as Whatsapp and Google
  • No unintentional synchronisation with rental cars and carsharings
  • Ideal for BYOD and COPE devices


The GDPR limits the extent to which business contacts may be stored in the smartphone’s address, because
  • a phone’s contact data automatically syncs with commercial platforms such as those belonging to Apple, Facebook/WhatsApp or Google
  • a phone’s contact data can synchronize unintentionally with rental cars and carsharings

All Contacts in one App

  • Pool all your Business Contacts
  • Automatic integration of all Contacts without manual data maintenance
  • Simple Caller ID including for contacts from the CRM system
  • Anonymized calls can be placed directly from the app without displaying the caller`s number
  • Single sign on
  • Easy quick search
  • Out-of-office function
  • Display of Out of Office Status Messages
    • Display of Addresses (open address in maps app)
    • Display of Organizational Chart (show manager)


For this guide, you download SCA from the App Store ( only works in demo-mode, without a valid license provided. In order to install apps through the App Store you would need an iCloud-account to install apps from App Store.
An activation by Provectus Technologies GmbH with a valid license is required.
To use the Secure Contacts app (SCA) in your Microsoft Azure tenant, the following functions must be present and activated:
  • Azure Active Directory Premium P1 (or higher)
  • Exchange Online P1 (or higher)
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Dataverse
Last modified 2mo ago