Step 3 -AE- Onboard SCA on your device

The following steps show you, how to onboard SCA on your device. We recommend using an Android with the latest OS version.

SCA needs to be deployed via Intune and present on your device as discribed here

3.1 - Open "SecContacts" with workprofile on your Android test-device

3.10 - SCA will login to Contacts

3.12 - At this screen, select activate now


3.14 - Choose SecContacts and confirm with Set as default

3.14 - Choose Allow for this prompt

3.15 - This indicated that Caller Identification is enabled

3.16 - Now SCA is fully onboarded!

SCA is fully configured in Intune and onboarded for your environment, in case you have any trouble within the process, contact us for support!

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